Our services

Traveling from one place to another can be extremely difficult for elderly or physically challenged people. At Metroplex Medical Transportation, we deliver the utmost care and support your loved ones need during transportation. With years of industry expertise, we provide honest and reliable services, ensuring our clients are catered to throughout the process.

Our services

Taking care of our elderly relatives is important. However, getting them to doctor’s appointments, driving them to different events, or even taking them to the movies can be a challenge.

That is where Metroplex Medical Transportation can assist.

Medical and Business Appointments

Our courteous, professional drivers often provide as-needed transportation for clients to doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, meetings with service providers such as bankers and accountants, and other appointments. Knowing one of our friendly, trustworthy drivers will get you to your appointment on time and return you home when you are finished makes your day less stressful.

Getting to Work

Sometimes getting to work can be a challenge due to the location of a job, a disability that prevents driving or other factors. Our drivers can provide regular transportation to and from a job as your work schedule requires.

Personal Trips and Events

Frequently our clients need transportation for personal trips. These include shopping, visits with friends and family, transportation to special events such as weddings and graduation parties, and other social events. Wherever you need to go, Metroplex Medical Transportation will get you there safely and on time, while ensuring your safety.

Airports, Train Stations and Bus Terminals

Metroplex Medical Transportation can provide transportation to and from an airport, bus terminal, train station or other location. Our transportation team and trained drivers will ensure you get to your destination on time — safely and without any surprises.

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